Monday, 22 August 2011

I want to share a secret

There is something most people do not know. A childbirth does not have to be painful. It can be beautiful and empowering. I know it because it happened for me. It was not sheer luck - I did my homework, I learned much about my body and it took me two pregnancies to get there.

I cannot promise you a painless birth, or even a natural birth. Every woman, every pregnancy and every outcome is different. I can help you, though. You have seen the movies with women screaming, sweating and swearing. You have heard horror stories from your friends. I want to help you to get rid of those images. They are not what you expect, they are not what you hope for, if you are reading these lines.

I had a beautiful natural birth. It was like climbing a mountain. It was like good sex. I made it. This page is being written because I believe I should share my story. I should share all I learned and experienced. I want to help you to create a more healthy and more true vision of birth. It all starts in the head.

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