Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The trance

Natural childbirth involves a very special state of mind. It is a kind of trance, often called zone or bulk. In an early stage of labour, you can keep yourself distracted and almost forget about the contractions. When this stage ends, you suddenly start to focus on yourself and your body. You withdraw into yourself. You enter the zone.

In the trance, your body starts to produce oxytocin and endorphins - hormones of happiness and euphoria. Also, the right hemisphere of your brain takes over It is responsible for dreams, intuition  and instincts. Without much thinking, you follow the needs of your body, adapting your position and breathing, vocalising.

During this time, the left hemisphere is in a low activity state. It is responsible for communication, especially verbal, so it should become increasingly difficult to speak and listen. Just as if you were half-asleep.

The secret of the pain-free birth is to remain in the trance. For this, you need to feel safe - have dimmed lights, be with someone you trust, feel warm, maybe stay in the tub. Have your birth partner prepare your preferred music, objects, smells - whatever makes you comfortable. Your birth partner should know your wishes, handle all conversations and negotiations with the medical staff and make sure you do not hear much of it. Your zone needs to be protected.

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